Saturday, 24 November 2012

The kingdom of God is always advancing, will you see it settle in your generation?

I AM not willing to accept the kind of Christianity that the last generation endured. As good as it was and as platformic as it was for us, yet I am willing that we should move to a greater degree of glory.

The kingdom of God is always advancing and I will not see it settle in my generation. I will, with all that I am, weak as I may be, give all my strength for the sake of Christ, so that this generation may have no excuse and not say that the lights hid underneath a lampstand. Collectively we shall shine as bright as the sun. It is God in us who will achieve his purposes but as long as I have this earthly tent, I am to live the best kind of Christian life possible, namely, that fullness of life to which Christ called his disciples.

This life is not an easy life, in all honesty it is a difficult one. But it is a life which has seen and tasted the goodness of God and seen the beauty of his face in the eyes of his beloved Son. Without this taste or knowledge, no man or woman will march up death’s valley, carrying the banner of Christ with such sweetness and joy for all of mankind, or their neighbour to see.

The gospel is a beautiful proclamation – it declares the Love of God for sinful humanity. It declares them freedom from all of their oppression. It desires to raise up men from the ashes and seat them with princes – it desires to cause the sick to rejoice – it desires to make the hopeless full of hope and it desires to humble the proud.

This gospel declares man’s only hope for salvation, and if I really believe that, then I have no time to play with trifles. I have no time for earthly sinful pleasures, because ultimately if I play with her, I am of no earthly good. I will only be adding to the defilement of the earth, but I should have time for love, because it is only by love for each other will the world know that we are the Disciples of Christ.

My friends, I am asking you right now this question, what is stopping you from living your Christian life to the full?

I am not saying that we all have to become missionaries or enrol into seminaries in order to become pastors – no. But what is stopping you from distributing the fragrance of Christ to the arena you have been called to. You see the gospel is not a religious gospel – the gospel is a kingdom gospel and it reigns over every aspect of human life. The King of the kingdom is concerned not just about the activities that happens within the church walls but also with what happens in the economy, in the education, in the arts, in businesses, with the law. The king is concerned about it all and his kingdom must reign in those things.

When Christ came into the world to declare his gospel, He preached it to the poor and removed the oppressions which had casted them into poverty, namely their diseases. He preached the gospel to the rich and those who believed where liberated from their addiction to wealth. They were humbled. He preached to those who were outsiders, namely women and they were given equal status in the kingdom of God.

When God kingdom comes it invades the social injustice of the world.

It liberates both oppressors and captives. And of course not all men accept this truth and the gospel will in the end be to their ruin.

My friends we must not be driven to fear when men spit at the gospel truth or trample on it. They did that in the days of Jesus and had him crucified. We must shake such dust from the whiteness of our clothes and march on to preach to all men, remembering that although they crucified Christ, He rose again.

We must live today for today, we must pray for the breakthrough of the kingdom today while it is today and when it is tomorrow we shall pray for tomorrow. I know that we have our eternity secured – our tomorrow is not in dispute but it is in dispute for many without Christ. Tomorrow their eyes may not see, so I am concerned for them today. I will live the best Christian life that I can so that I give my neighbours the best chance of seeing the goodness of God, and God willing, it will result in their salvation.


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