Miscellanies 59: This message I proclaim on the pillars of absolute truth

I am not in the manner to go in the way of some in the past. I am not a friend of controversy but I am a friend of the truth - this heart which has seen the beauty of Christ and experienced the love of the Father can only rise upon this worldly stage as to declare to you that Christ is the way, the truth, and life. In this market place of ideas of which the philosophers and my neighbour's bid me to cater, but O I cannot, for I must cater for the truth of Christ and his gospel which calls every other way wrong, declares man a sinner, God a loving righteous holy God, and Christ the only mediator.  This message I proclaim on the pillars of absolute truth. I am not first a servant of man but of God; and I call to memory the scriptures which must be proclaimed to this ignorant generation and if their portion is to be like it was for the people Isaiah was called to preach too then I must preach. They were ever hearing but never understanding. But I pray that the hearts of the people will be like those of the people of Nineveh, that when reluctant Jonah came to preach they believed - and I like Jeremiah, his words burn inside of me to preach to his people and to the gentiles.


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