The Joy of Confession 20

Sinner: Dear Sir, it seems that I’ve wandered far away from God, away to my many imaginations and not to him. I have wandered into the lust of my heart, into the pride of my soul and into the conceitedness of my condition. This valley I have trodden far too long and in the end I have found that it only brings about my drowning in the sea of flesh. O the misery to my spirit that I have wasted many precious years which brings me now to repent with bitter tears; but I find it hard to stay the course of righteousness. Dear Sir, please help me for no more can my soul linger in the broad way for I am tired of sin and straying. My soul is sick, my heart is sore; please my strength renew.

Sir: My poor son in the faith, far you have wandered into the shadows of darkness but today come home. God is calling the prodigal, even though you have wandered far from his presence, yet he is calling you back. I am glad that you are sensible of your condition and do weep bitter tears for there are many who would not shed a single drop of tear for their wandering into the world. But you my son do display that the Spirit in you is grieving. Now, there is not much I can do for you save this, that right now Christ is applying his cleansing blood into your heart. He is dipping you into that precious fountain that saves from sin, that precious fountain so rich and sweet, he is casting your poor soul into it, plunging your filthiness into his righteousness. And do not worry, you cannot stain his garment for he covers you with his righteousness. Therefore my son, nothing keeps you back from his presence, come home.

Sinner: Oh Thank you Sir, I do feel in my heart a warm sensation of love. I do feel myself being washed as white as snow. O I am so glad that I have entered into that fountain and came home into his presence. O for a thousand joy and praise for Jesus.


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