My heart redeemed

My heart redeemed, won again by God's gracious kindness. He, everyday, reminds me that He is my heavenly Father, not near to strike me at every manifestation of sin but one who is at hand to grant me mercy, so that I can be blessed for my spiritual poverty and in turn desire ever exceedingly the hunger and thirst for righteousness. He has won my heart with unending Love. Day after day his mercy speaks to me whispering of the ever overflowing blood of Christ which covers all of my iniquities. My good Father also tells me that his salvation is more than the forgiveness of sins. His salvaiton is as broad as the whole earth. Everything, upon the death of his Son, held on the tree by love, was restored and will be consumated in the day and hour of his return. The whole world has him wrong and None will ever comprehend his true nature if they do not see him through Christ. Oh I pray that every day I will see your heart through the heart of Christ my Saviour.



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