Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Happy week

How blessed is the state of my heart this week that I feel inside it a continual peace and joy. It is firm and honeyed, occupied with that sunlight that emanates from the glorious thrones in heaven. I have no earthly reason to live in such a bliss, consuming nothing that is to my advantage, namely, no prestige, wisdom, power, money, fancy, and so on. I am but weak, failing man, hardly owning anything to call my own, yet I am the happiest of all the green flowers. I may not look it at times but truly in my soul is a heaven upon earth. The cause for this bliss is really owed to this, namely my early rising to pray focusing on the works and power of the Holy Spirit. At six my alarm awakens me and in duty, although of a willingness of heart I pray on my bed because I feel too cold to ascend, but in my heart I pray. As I pray I am left with an abiding presence of sweetness and joy. God does rise in my soul being glad that He has made my heart his temple. I am humbled, for as God saturates my heart with his holy incense, all of my sins, those that arise from the remaining flesh disappears. I am left with holiness, desiring only the bed of Christ. Such is the sweetness that Christ has tipped in my heart that all things have become to me a luxury, thanking God always for all that He is for me and being content in my position. It is an awesome thing for one to have their heart in Christ and it is doubly awesome for Christ to have his heart in theirs. I cannot wait until that glorious day when finally I shall meet my Christ face to face and have the redemption of my body.


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