The Joy of Confession 23

Sinner: Dear Sir, can there be any more mercy for me? Is there any more mercy reserved for me? I long to be free from the burden of sin, for long my heart has sigh at my lingering sins, unable yet to fully do his will. Can God me spare, will His wrath pass me by?

Here I am once again, to confess my ugly deeds. Lost in the forest of iniquity, refusing the light offered to me. But here I stand without one plea, without hope save His grace alone. That me once again He may look, overlooking my resistance, forgiving my thousand falls.

Without heavens light on me I die, but every grace impart I have spun. On me, it seems such a sweet waste, your grace so free spending it on cheap sins.

Now I give my all to thee, another surrender will it end in betray, plagued by these chains I own, dear Lord come break it or I fold. But what to do, for I cannot quit, knowing Christ my redeemer lives. As the sun comes each day to give its light, so will I continue to fall on your alter of grace, to plead forgiveness for my daily sins, knowing for me the saviour stands.

Sir: O sinner, you are one in need of obedience. You know the doctrines of forgiveness well. You know that Christ is all for you. But in as much as you forsake the school of obedience, your soul will continue to be in a state of perpetual misery.

It is true that God is love, and great that you feel this in your soul. Your sins will be forgotten. Bow your head now, in pardon He has accepted you.


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