Friday, 22 February 2013

The writings of Sunny Caane (8)

Another soul, my young cousin I should say showered me with his current state of heart on a beauty he witnessed just a few days before. I do not know why he thought it good to share it with me, but lo, I must add it to my collection, being of one accorded to the previous letters I have recently received.

My dear Uncle, At the weekend party which I attended, I noticed that I couldn’t stop looking. Such brown beauty, soft skin, brown eyes, slim figure, one of a kind. A prettiness almost unsurpassed and in her eyes I understood a gaze that too was wanting me. Shall I mourn at my loss? Shall I joy at meeting such tender smile, such summerish glow? We spoke only to address nature, to hide what lingered beyond our shy horizon. What means shall providence employ for us to meet again? In this matter I have no faith, no light at the tunnels end. But these circumstances are such that another of Eve’s kind will win my emotion again and each time I shall be effortlessly won for there is none at present that enamours my soul. My heart is like a reed, blowing here and there according to the blowing wind. Not long ago my nature was besotted, infatuated with another, resting beneath her shade that we were unaware of other myrrh, for our contentment was in dreaming about eating her fruits for she never once descended for us to have a bite. She gave it to another and ever since then, my mind has been in exile, wandering to different amusements until a pasture arise for us to dwell. But her whom I saw today, I cannot say I loved for it takes time for seeds to mature. In meeting her eyes, there raptured in me a jubilee of a noble kind, possessing a secret smile only to be revealed when providence shall see it right for us to encounter again.
Your favourite cousin

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