Who shall be my darling

I know at last, when this time has passed, my solitary dwelling will be swallowed up in the fellowship of another.  
     She shall be my beloved, my grace from heaven.
I shall love her with a Christ like humility. For her I will be a soldier from Jerusalem, I will march the hills of difficulty so that on green pastures, she may dwell.
              She will be to me like the spring rain,
             watering the plants of my joys.
            In my contemplations, her beauty shall be my subject of meditation.
In my prayers, her sanctification shall be my theme.
              I will love her as commanded by the King of Peace.
       My heart will manifest the love that is contain therein. I wonder, when this veil is lifted, who shall be my darling?
         The one whom I may enjoy until I kiss this voyage goodbye.


  1. This one is beautiful Ken. Lovely sounding words and what a good prayer to pray - for her sanctification.

    1. Thanks Kate and thanks for always having an interest in what I write. I think you are great =)


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