Friday, 22 February 2013

Miscellanies 66: Keeping a good relationship with Jesus

Keeping a good relationship with Jesus requires much lingering upon his words. It requires abiding in his words. And his words we have always with us so that if I desire for Christ to speak to me after I have had a winterish day, feeling in my soul the burden of life. I can come to Christ and have him speak to me in all of his meekness and gentleness saying 'come to me now troubled child and I will give you rest.' But how foolish are we when we spend the nights in a state of fever because we have had no words from Christ, therefore going here and there for a message which has already been written in his book for you. All that you need is contained therein and this does not dismiss prayer. On the contrary it encourages it. I can only think that the reason why many people have a once a week heart connection with Christ is that they have neglected his words. They have ceased to open that book for which men have died. This book is better than all the spoils of war, it is perhaps the greatest treasure a literate man can find to read. O child of the faith, come daily upon his words, Christ calls you to cherish his words. He beckons you to keep his commandments for by keeping them will you abide in His love. O saint, how can you keep them if you are never at his feet to listen to his honeyed instructions. O know and settle with your soul that his words are not burdensome. If you desire to keep good relations with Jesus, that is a relationship that bears fruit, then you must and must linger much upon his words.


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