Friday, 22 February 2013

Miscellanies 65

Christianity must be a religion manifested in the life of the one who holds claim to its teachings. What we see is the opposite. Many confess allegiance to Christianity, not because they cherish its Christ and His Kingdom, but because once upon a time they were christened, or were born into a Christian family and into a supposed Christian nation. I have met some who laid hold to heaven because they were baptize and once made a decision, and yet, they speak nothing of a sweet trust in Jesus or a willingness to live for him in regards to personal purity.

I have also met some who loved the ethics of the gospel, who adores the Father’s heart of a reconciliation with mankind. But this very people are the first to protest against the uniqueness of Christ, and the ancient old (biblical laws) against the acceptable morality of today’s culture.

Our culture, we must admit is anti-Christ. The chaffs dominate its firmaments and the wheat’s are increasingly marginalised. Nevertheless, love is the gospel theme and how beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings.

They who hold to the tenets of Christianity must preach the gospel like those preachers in the days of the enlightenment. They did not bow down to the kingship of human reason but they sounded the gospel without compromise. I feel that the doctrinal zeal which awakened the reformers from their papacy slumber and the need for regeneration in the Wesleyan/Whitfield revival must come together in our age.  Men must be born again. Jesus Christ did rise again. The only way to salvation is through Christ alone. It was this evangelical zeal which brought in the waves of revival in the eighteenth century.


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