Sunday, 3 February 2013

Our faith renew

There are some whose faith has almost expired. They have been wearied by the world, by the devil and by sin. The weight of guilt has driven them to the edge of heaven, far away from the throne of grace; the arrows of doubt has taken them to the place of powerlessness.

I pray Dear God that these saints, so close to shipwreck, so close to falling from the hill of Jerusalem, who have lost all zeal or ambition for their dear Christ, their faith renew. Holy Spirit, take them once again to the school of the cross, where they can discover the world’s vanities, the pleasure of the forgiveness of sins, their redemption sealed in blood. Take them to the empty tomb, grant them a glimpse of the jubilee of the descending saviour, where all who endured to the end shall dance in glory.

Renew them, my Lord. Their faith renew. Their passion restore. Make their faith as the high noon, shining in all of its splendor giving glory to you. Renew their faith, renew our faith so that we may consider the impossible possible, evidenced by our willingness to go and wake the dead.*


*By this I mean more spiritually but of course also, physically as well to those with such a faith.

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