Ever since this revelation

At the appointed time, I saw her in all of heaven's morning beauty, full of joy as she drew near to her Father's throne by faith. I watched her intensely, intrigued by such an intimate communion, something I have never known; a sweetness beyond my reach and capacity.

Then she opened her eyes, smiling at me which at once warmed my heart, although my eyes fell feeling unworthy to gaze at such a one who mirrored the meekness of Christ. She opened her sanctified mouth and said, 'Your Father in heaven wants you. He says that you are one of His favourites. He wants you to dream big, to lay down your inwardness and shine your light in community. Do not be afraid to fail, I have already qualified you.'

Knowing the vivacity of her words, my eyes closed to hide the tears which had flowed from her prophetic speech. God cares about me, I thought to myself feeling before that He would not think about such a clay as I. She interrupted my thinking with the words, 'Your Father in heaven thinks much of you. He loves you.'

She drew nearer to me, placing her soft holy hands on my shoulder and on my head. Immediately I felt a rush of joy and happiness pour into my soul seeing as if for the first time, my Father's smile and delight that I was clothed in the garment of His beloved Son. Ever since this revelation, my disposition has never been the same again. It was as old saints have declared, the new birth.

The same radiance which coloured her now coloured me. She will remain forever in my memory, giving thanks to God for her until eternity shuts her eyes to go to sleep.

Have you dear reader felt the new birth? Have you, inside you the witness of the Holy Spirit? Have you seen by faith your Father's smile.  O dear reader, if you know nothing of God's beauty in your soul, then all of your religion thus far has been carnal. You need the new birth - ask now for the Spirit and your Heavenly Father shall grant you the good gift.



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