Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Miscellanies 64: Are you living your Christian life or just singing about it?

There is no point singing about intimacy if one never does it. It is like singing of love and never loving. It is as futile as the snail’s plight to reach the sky. Those who perhaps listen to such worship songs no doubt feel at the moment a fervent zeal, but as soon as the song stops playing, so does their present emotion, and their desire for intimacy is blown away as the chaff by the wind.
The Christian life consists in much doing, and I fear that many of us have settled to singing about our Christian life rather than living it.
Jesus didn’t tell people to pay him lip service but to follow him.
We sing there is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain, although true theologically but in actuality what chains are being broken?
We sing of an army rising up – but where is this army rising up who are unashamed of the gospel of Christ?
I do not doubt that God is going about doing His work through ten million various means and using saints as well as sinners to accomplish his purpose. Nevertheless I believe that God would want his people to live the life He has called them too rather than sing about it and never doing it, or never feeling his divine power.



  1. hmmm I was about to write a similar blog post :) but I feel you've done my thoughts justice! x Leila

    1. Ha you should still write it. I want to read it. =)


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