Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Miscellanies 70: Death, an unwelcomed foe

Death that unwelcomed foe of life is one that we must all meet. However willing or unwilling we must meet him. He is the enemy of life, the bringer of all things sour. I will have people not mourn for me when I greet him but o how I weep for others who have entered into his voyage. I weep especially for dear friends who have experienced a bitter loss of a dear family member or of them whom they loved with all of their souls. I treasure their tears in those hours and unite in their pain. But as for me, do not mourn for I am going to a better place. People die every day. It is a basic fact. It is part of human existence. Some die young, some die old and some died never lived at all. The greatest misery and blues are of those who died without a saviour. Should I be able to cry for all eternity, I would cry each day for their souls. That pollution that had deprived humanity of heaven, namely sin shall be forever united to their nature. They would know nothing of being united with God in paradise.  And if on a luminous day in eternity, God should gather all of his children and declare that all angels and men should be released from their unforgiving sentence, then I shall rejoice and be glad to welcome such sinners forgiven. I will not be as the first son in the prodigal story but as the angels in heaven when they heard of my salvation. It shall be good news exceedingly. But in all my readings of scripture I do not see such a day as this in eternity, nevertheless God is all the more good and glorious in His infinite counsel. I know I shall have no tears in heaven, no sorrow nor pain. I wish as the apostle that I could be cursed for another, but such is the unaffected steel of divine election by human will. God’s purposes and counsel will stand, and I rejoice in his love which has determined all things.

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