Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hope is the anchor of the soul

Hope is the anchor of the soul

How is hope the anchor of the soul?

I shall tell you by way of a story.

Hope by definition is believing things that are yet unseen, things which are promised, rooted on unshakable grounds but are yet to come. By way of story I shall use Jesus Christ as an example.

Jesus Christ was soon to die for that was the reason why he came. At one time, towards the end of his ministry he set his face like a flint towards Jerusalem. He was resolved, knowing that he was condemned to die by his loving Father and his treacherous enemies. When the night came, yea, that awful black night, Judas approached that garden filled with the tears of the Son of God. Judas saw Jesus, and having Satan as the king of his wretched life, he drew near to the stable Christ and kissed him with his disingenuous lips. He kissed him and thus effectively crucified him. Christ, knowing Judas to be a devil from the start yet called him a friend. What a love! This is heavenly love for day after day Christ had fellowship with Judas and no days were contaminated with bitterness for Christ knew no sin. Finally they took Christ away, they scourged him, walloped him and at last crucified him. But our dear bruised Christ had a hope, he had a hope in God his pater (father) that he was able to deliver what was promised to him. It is said that for the joy set before him he endured the cross, despising the shame, and is now seated at the right hand of God. As it is written in proverbs 10:8 'the hope of the righteous brings joy.' Christ hope brought him much joy and it was I say the reason why he was able to endure. 

Hope anchored his soul to stay on that cursed cross. Love sustained him. Dear saint do you have this hope in your soul? Do you have contained within you that hope of the righteous? Can you endure whatever flame may blow your way because you possess hope? If you have not then turn your eyes to heaven and pray until you receive from him who gives good gifts, the hope of Christ. Ask and ask away. Knock until the door is open. Say to him that will he let you perish without this hope, if so then how can my life be to his praise and glory. Tell him that you will to dance in his salvation and without this hope my faith will only look like Job in all of his miseries. 

I pray for you to have this heavenly hope. For it is this hope which is Christ himself who has entered the inner sanctuary behind the curtain. There your Christ dwells. 


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