Sunday, 28 April 2013

A prayer for my soul - Let these dead bones live

Can these dead bones live? O God, in the church there are many dead bones - I wish it were not true but it is. Can they live, can they live - yes they can for you God is able to make them live. So we prophesy over them Sovereign Lord, we prophesy over them to come alive, that there be an awakening in your church which then spreads to the streets, to the community, to the nations that people all across Bristol will flood into churches that are yours, singing praises to you God and thanking you for the cross. I can pray this prayer for Christ said to one of the seven churches, that 'you are dead. Wake up and strengthen what remains', he said. I thank you for those awakened, who are engaged in spreading the renown of Christ in the land, doing good works which gives glory to you God our Father. O cause many more to follow in that Calvary footstep, dying to our wills, dying to self and bearing fruit. Let us not seek the applause of the world, we desire a better noble affirmation and word of Christ when he shall say, ‘well done my faithful servant, enter into my everlasting joy’. 


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