Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Broken promises

Many of the painful heartaches in this world are caused by broken promises. A politician not delivering his promises to the poor when he comes to power, bankers driving a nation into bankruptcy because their investments never paid off. A father time and time again forgetting to be there for his son because of work and the ruination of a family because of a broken vow. In that sweet hour, the declaration was ‘until death do us part’, but what happens often is that it is the death of affection or immorality that renders the marriage pledge asunder. One spouse is left with a broken heart and if both party have come to a mutual consent, the children are the ones to suffer such faithlessness.

Broken promises when experienced can lead a soul to resent the individual who made the promise and cause an eternal doubt on their character. To put it simply, the one who broke the promise is a liar. Of course there may be legitimate reasons for their poor showing yet we can all say that at some point that we have either broken a promise or been the recipients of a broken promise.

Because man is weak and often a broker of his promises, shall we also judge God and doubt him in his faithfulness? My friends let this be in your soul as to never leave your veins, namely that God is faithful and his words are surer than the rising of the sun. For if God is found to break one of his promises, then God is forever found to be a liar, losing his honour and character. For what hope as the saint in his entering into paradise if he has an unstable God? None at all! He is better to hope in chance.

But if God has been found faithful, never in history breaking his promises, then what reasons have you to doubt that he who began a good work in you will finish it? Why do you doubt that distinct quality of the divine, namely that He is love? Why do you mourn at being forsaken when he has said that he will never leave you nor forsake you? Why do you abandon is fellowship because of your sins, when he has guaranteed your forgiveness through the death of Christ? Why do you not come to him and drink when he says that he will satisfy? Why oh saint do you forsake prayer when he will listen to the broken hearted and the contrite?

You see, men may break their vows, their pledge they may suddenly consider insignificant, but God will never treat a promise, even that which you consider minor as a word to be discarded. God will never be found to be a liar, even your unfaithfulness to God will not nullify his faithfulness if you are one of is elected ones. The Father has only grace upon grace for you, goodness upon goodness lavished upon you with a beaming smile. Even though your portion in this transient earth is perpetrated with much suffering, yet God will be faithful to you in bringing you home to enter into his rest.    


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