Saturday, 13 April 2013

Miscellanies 73 - In all my pains and sufferings

In all my pains and sufferings, I know that my precious Lord Jesus Christ will never refuse my grief to share.

I say with Job that my Redeemer lives, and add on to this that He lives with great sympathy of my condition because once upon a time he too was once tried and tested.

He knows the bitterness and shame, the hurt and barrenness of such trials, therefore his heart is forever tender towards my painful season and will grant me all of his comforting sympathy.

When I mourn he understands, when I weep he can recount his own tears, when I yell Father, why do you feel far from me? he remembers his cross and his own cry of dereliction.

When my sickness is unto death, he remembers the darkness of his tomb, and when I feel that all friends have abandoned me, he remembers Peter's sorry eyes.

O, my Christ is the comforting Redeemer! I know that all of my sufferings is done in his hospital.

He is ever attending to my needs and whispers to me of his own resurrection and victory which is my victory and that one day, I too will rise.


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