Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What does it mean to be led to the cross?

What does it mean to be led to the cross?

It means that you have acknowledged your own brokenness and sinfulness and helplessness. You have relinquished any hope in your own good works of making you ever beautiful and acceptable to God your Father. You have seen the hideousness of sin and want no more to do with it. You have an open eyes knowing that it is no good to gain the world while you forfeit your soul. You are now walking up redemption's hill willing to count everything as loss. You want life, you crave forgiveness, you desire a righteousness not your own, an everlasting inheritance, a deep long hug from your father, acceptance, mercy, hope and love.

At the cross you fall on your knees, your precious Christ, the heavenly lamb taking all your sins and shame away. Eyes filled with gratitude knowing that on the cursed tree all your guilt was laid. And best of all, you see a willing Messiah, a king with no bitterness but with a heart full of gladness, happy that his bleeding blood on you can fall to wash away your filth so that you can be beautiful, pure, holy, and all those things which ravishes the heart of His Father.

You yourselves have been led to the cross, you will do well to lead others there too. Let us pray that many will walk up redemption's hill.


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