I knew a sad boy

I once knew a sad boy who asked his father this question. "Is it right father for people to mourn the loss of a girl they loved even though she is still alive? Because in hearing that she is now married, I hardened my heart in order to keep back the tears. But every time I go by the harbor to sit at the mouth of the river, nature warms my soul breathing a softness to my character which makes me think favorably about her. When this feeling is upon me I harden myself and leave my spot of comfort and engage in some disinterested flirting. But I have come to realise through mother's words that I loved her more than I knew, and I must let my sadness come to the horizon, to spill through my eyes for a day or so and then I shall find my feelings over. But I fear father, that as you still mourn for the loss of Billy that I shall mourn forever concerning her."



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