Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Do you worry about your soul

Are you a person that worries about your soul? And do you care that you are getting old. 
Do you ever wonder why you are here – or do you believe you will forever live among the fields of gold.
Little child this is not the time to cry, so save your tears for when you start to see your friends die, 
And when that girl no longer sings your lullaby,
Are you a person that worries about your soul? 
Do you believe in life after death, or do you believe in death after life, 
Are you the kind to sing under the rain, or the kind to stay inside when the sun shines, 
Whatever you may be, do you worry about your soul? 
Do you even know what it is, do you know where it is. 
I can tell you for a little smile, that your soul cannot be so sold for all that this world is worth and more, 
I am sure you have tried to sell it once, for something you yourself don’t even know, 
Your soul is the reason why you live, but slowly without God's Spirit it is hard to breathe.   
Do you worry about your own soul? 


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