Friday, 12 April 2013

Miscellanies 71 - A sea of sin

Some of you are in a pitiful season because before you is a sea of sin. The waves of your disobedience are ever rising upon your sinking soul. As a result of this torrential hammering, you fear to pray. Your soul have left off intimacy with the God of glory because you dread that Christ may come to you and call you a traitor and be tremendously disappointed in you. O poor sinner, weigh down with despondency, who no more has the song of Zion resounding pleasantly in their soul. O sinner, Christ still calls you a friend. Remember in his awful hour when all his friends left him to perish, and left him to die alone. Remember when he rose again from the dead that he did not utter a condemnation at their cowardice, but called them brothers. ‘Go to my brothers and say to them’ says Christ. And when he saw them, what did he say? He says ‘peace to you.’ It is the same Christ that is alive today. Although he calls you to repentance, yet he wishes you peace. He will never turn away the broken hearted. Remember o sinner, that he is your friend. Relinquish your sorry fears and embrace his acceptance. He alone atones for you sins. Pray now with your falling tears, pray now with your broken heart, pray with the surety that His Father has already lend you his ears. It is the business of Christ and his Father to reconcile. Come near, draw near, and run near into his safe arms. 


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