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Know that you are a beloved daughter of God

All women in God's kingdom ought to know this indestructible truth, namely that they are beloved daughters of Yahweh. To your heavenly Father, favoured one, you are forever a season of summer fruits and never a twig of dampened November. In his eyes you are a full grown flower, a delicate lilly, a colourful bright dress and a radiant star. It is him who puts his words in your mouth and covers you in the shadow of his hands declaring merrily and happily to all his hosts that 'you are his adorable heiress.'

Wake yourself O daughters of Yahweh, you who have drunk from the hands of a lack of self-worth and ugliness. You who have seized to lift your head because of shame, wake up from your slumber. Cease from your famine in understanding your own preciousness and prettiness. Awake, for your Father is at hand to console you, yea, to welcome you infinitely more readily than any man ever could.

Cease your weeping. I understand that your tears have their origins in the pain that runs through the fibres of your very being. You have been betrayed, the words were all lies. O how keenly you did try to reinvigorate your-self, but all to no avail. You are a broken vessel, a mere piece of scattered clay. This is what the world has done to you, man has left you on your blemished knees. O now remove your hands from your covered face, hide not like Eve but like a little girl, yes a little princess, crawl on your father's lap and weep your tears there. After a while, after a little time, sleep on his chest and begin to feel the enormity of his love for you.

When you have awakened after he has rested your soul, he has left on his table a refreshing cup of grace. He would have you drink it fully, leaving no traces left for there is more for tomorrow. Come now and drink, erase the miseries of your past, wipe out the guilt of your transgressions and have the Spirit that allows you to forgive those who have done you wrong do his reconciling work.

O pretty girl, if your Father has taken the time to clothe the flower of the fields, how will he not take more time to cloth you and ensure that your beauty surpasses that of the flowers? He is the only artist worthy enough to paint you accurately. I am not worthy for I am a man with my own sins, but his Christ, your older brother is the artist qualified to paint you. And now come into his room, he has painted you. Do you see your complexion, do you notice that he has blotted out all of your darkening lines, he has replaced them with the light of the morning. See, see the amazing love for you and shall you now scoff at it by rejecting such unfathomable love. O do not be a Jezebel. Be a Mary. Be the face of innocence and purity. Accept it on the grounds that He has decided, yea elected you to be such a fine specimen. It his him who beautifies you.

Remember how God spoke of Israel when he passed by her and saw her wallowing in her own blood. Before he cast upon her an eye of mercy, no eyes before pitied her. All launched stones at her and joined in with her cursed refrain of ugliness and worthlessness. But God came by her and bid her to live. He came by her and made her flourish like a plant of the field. He entered into a covenant with her and clothed her with embroidered cloth. In gentle love he wrapped her in fine linen. She was adorned and grew exceedingly beautiful and advanced to royalty. Israel became a queen and her renown went forth among the nations because of her beauty, for it was perfect through the splendour that God bestowed on her.

But Israel forgot her king and lingered on her own beauty defiling herself again. But with you daughters of the new covenant I have a better hope. A surer beauty that grows from grace to grace and perfected at once in Christ Jesus, your eternal husband. I have a better hope because of him who has promised. I would do you a great insult if I was to attribute your perseverance to your own feminine strength. That is a pressure you were not made to bear. All the strains is on Christ, yea your cross of deliverance and final perfections is all placed on the back of Christ. He carries it for you and of him we have no need to worry for he is the ultimate hero of God. It was him who slain that humanity hating beast and death. It was him who propelled all your sins into the abyss of eternal fire. He has won the victory and your perseverance is not a difficult task for him to perform as to make you and I worry. Nay, it is in his hands, therefore worry has no more hold. Now dear daughter, loved and cherished, enamored and adorned, fragranced with Christ sweet ever pleasing righteousness, lie and rest in his greener pasture. Know that you are a beloved daughter of Yahweh, the glorious King and majestic God of all the universe. 



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