Saturday, 27 October 2012

Have a lightful conversation

"Hey thanks for calling - its good to know that someone cares."

Sometimes in our places of aloness, a place where we don't really want to be, it is good for someone to intrude our space, to barge the door open and shout 'I care about you.'

This place we often find ourselves in, or perhaps a place where only a few of us take ourselves is a place where we don't often feel like talking.

But in this place, perhaps the dark corner that we put ourselves in is where we need the light of conversation.

It is easy to drown in our memories, easy to linger on the past, easy to keep running in our failures and it is in this place where we keep on dying.

But the light of conversation can spark a hope of life because life comes when we connect with another person because they have life in their heart.

But not all people have a good life in them. Some people have a bad life. They are the kind that will keep you in your place.

We see this with the women who came to annoint Jesus' feet with her perfume and tears. She was in that dark place and all the conversations she has had thus far were with people who didn't have the light of conversation or to put it in another way the light of life in their heart.

When she met Jesus, Jesus spoke to her the words of life. Jesus barged through her door (not literally) and spoke light into her life because he has light and life in himself.

Only Jesus has light in himself.

Are you in that dark place? Have a conversation with Jesus.

Do you know someone in that dark place? Go and barge through thier door and bring the life of Jesus to them. Have a lightful conversation. Make them feel wanted. Let every word be from the dictionary of love.


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