Monday, 22 October 2012

I wonder if life be found on Mars

I wonder if life be found on mars what sort of creatures will be discovered. What would their social scenario be - would it be something that we can comprehend or perhaps something we can even see with our visible eyes. Will their intelligence exceed ours, or will it be even duller than the animals that exists on out planet. Any such news of higher beings I suspect will create a wind of excitement and fear - excitement in the sense of uncertainty and fear in the sense of what danger these creatures posses to the human race. I can imagine the news channel all subscribing to this uprising, having Dr’s and Scientists conducting interviews and granting their special knowledge to ordinary citizens. Such will be the atmosphere in this country albeit through out the known world that this news would cause people to dismiss the idea of the Christian God or dismiss the truth of it without having giving the whole idea a second thought.  And if these poor creatures are found to be less intelligent, I am sure that there will be the discussion of going hitherto to mars to covet and expropriating their resources and minerals if it is of any use to us. Mankind if desiring to settle in mars if by some miracle scientist find ways for Man to live there would without fault carry their depravity there. Nature has long made mars a desolate and fierce place but mankind’s dwelling there will make it much more a graveyard. At the moment there are none of those evil spirits present such as greed and malice but soon mankind’s reign on that red planet will soon birth these unkind spirits into the atmosphere. Of course the place would look more beautiful for it is man’s innate will to clear up a place that hurts its physical eyes and it is for demons to love the trash. Man loves a clean environment and Mars would benefit from those things which are neutral that men would bring with it, such as music, language, literature, technology, sport and education. These genial giants will soon adorn the crusty terrains of Mars but man being corrupt will soon use only these angelic tools for his own glory. I wonder what reign would be established, what governments would be set, what constitution would be written - who would lay claim to the north and to the south. Surely Mars belongs to no man only to those creatures that are found there. But if they have no spirit of intelligence, Man would at once subdue their existence. Man would dominate and exert his control over the planet. Man would seek to civilize these lower creatures. Man would make Mars his home and the lawful citizens its guests considering them to be privileged to host such intelligent creature far superior to their own.


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