Saturday, 27 October 2012

Let us all listen to this somebody

Are you wide awake?

Or are you still sleep walking through life?

The truth is that many people sleep walk through life because they haven't yet awakened to what really matters.

Who I my to say what the truth is? The truth is I am not somebody to say what the truth is but I have heard even more I have read someone who is somebody say what the truth is and what really matters.

Because He is somebody we should therefore listen to him. Or at least pause the music, put our tea down and close facebook and listen to what this somebody has to say.

Who is this somebody? This somebody is Jesus.

Wait! before you dismiss him and say what makes him a somebody. I shall tell you.

What makes him a somebody is that he is GOD. I'll say it again. It is because he is God.

Did you get that - did you understand that.

Unless you are already a Christian then this is easy for you to accept but if you are not yet a follower of the way then you are probably already dismissive of him.

You can only understand this if you are wide awake then you can be awakened to what really matters.

You see, what really matters is Jesus and what you make of him because He is the reason why everything exists, things you see and atoms which you don't see. You see that Sun in the sky or that wall in your room, they exist because of Jesus and for Jesus. I could get all philosophical but this goes way beyond a philosophical point.

All this dosen't make sense to you because you are not wide awake and the only way you can be wide awake is if somebody comes and wakes you up. What can wake you up is the wind, it needs to blow on you, but as we know, the wind blows wherever it wants to blow and we have no control over it. (Read John 3 in the New testament- in-fact start form the 1st chapter).

But there is one thing you can do. You can pray or to put it more simply you can ask. Ask the God that you do not yet know, call out and feel a little bit silly and you will see that your silliness was not in vain. And if you do already know, then ask for more because in this case it is not greed to ask for more.


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