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Mr Hasley's unacceptable dinner practice (2)

To have understanding of the 2nd part you may want to read the first part of Mr Hasley's unacceptable dinner practice:

The first introduction of Mr Hasley’s barbaric dinner practice first took place among his own family when Mr Hasley was a private schooled educated boy. Mr Hasley was not yet the husband of Patricia Siningar but the Son of Emile Hasley, a well-known politician across the Atlantic. Mr Hasley sitting in his usual position on the dining table next to his astute Father introduced the barbaric principle that he learnt and treasured from Fredrick Alkman. This introduction shook the Hasley’s traditional belief in dinner etiquette, instilling into those who were present to almost renounce Mr Hasley from the Family. This barbaric utterance bought with it a new and unbridled language from the mouth of Emile Hasley that at once Mr Hasley was filled with radical scepticism of his new treasured practice.

Meditating on the criticism that was branded on him on the dinner table, Mr Hasley ingeniously employed a way to make his favoured dinner practice encounter no condemnation. Mr Hasley knew that among company that His Father was a man loved and treasured for his character, and for his dialectic reasoning and brilliance in exposing errors and his diagnosis of them, that it was best for him to expose his dinner practice when such a company was present. His Father would unleash no attack but a civil disagreement with those who were present. Mr Hasley also thought that in order to bring his Father no shame that He would entirely take the blame for his atrocities and say that his unwanted malady is a symptom of biology. Such was the mind, thinking and beginnings of Mr Hasley's unacceptable dinner practice that until now, Mr Hasley still runs the same errand when guest are present to the shame and ruin of his family. 



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