Miscellanies 58: Follow Jesus or get eaten

Jesus calls us to follow him.

Where are we to follow him?

We are to follow him to wherever he calls us. Yes and ultimately to paradise.

Then it is a good thing that we are sheep. Because a sheep only goes where his shepherd goes.

Wherever the Shepherd calls his sheep to go He must go with them and lead them. If they are to go beneath the unstable tunnel, He must tarry with them. If they are to make the journey through the storm, He must protect them and keep watch.

Only a naughty and unfitting shepherd calls his sheep to go to a place where he is not willing to lead them.

Now are you willing to follow Jesus wherever he calls you to go? Now don't go making a sentimental decision that has no dirt in it - I mean if you are going to stick your root somewhere then stick it to the ground and in order to do that you will get dirty.

Follow Jesus and you will live. If you stay and follow the world then sooner or later the wolves will come and feed on you.



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