Saturday, 20 October 2012

Same cycle

There’s a stream where I long to live
My heart is thirsty made dry by the sins in my mind
Lost in its ways, I try to change
To change my life but nothing changed
So I keep living the same lie
I need truth better yet I gotta live it
Dear Lord let me see it
The paths of the righteous are ordained by God
Can I believe this cuz I seem to be walking the wrong way
Tell me pastor will I change
Every Sunday you preach it
And every week I seem to miss it
Can’t seem to get out of this endless cycle
Like riding my bicycle on the block for the same tour
Same ways, same chicks, same me and same things
Still hanging round selling the same things
Playing games, this is life can’t get away
Time to change pace but how will it all be strange.


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