Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Life is to be shared and lived in relationship

Life is to be shared and lived in relationship. There must be communication and that communication must be intelligible in the sense that the person you are communicating with can understand or is able to feel the love of your presence. All good relationships should be rooted in love and we know that from love flows an hatred for sin. From love there is also mercy and grace and we all ought to have goodwill towards all men like God who causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust so that they can have their daily bread. The two millennial old Christian cliche is that one must love their enemies. We all know this in theory but to put it into practice is another thing. Some of us are still trying to love our friends with an agape love that has no selfish trait in it; and if some of us are still trying to love our friends then how can we even begin to love our enemies or even care deep enough for the stranger.

We must do away with our tendencies to be silent. We must do away with bottling up our good and holy affections  - we must begin to live our lives with colour, the kind that can colour the rainbow and make it just as beautiful.

Share your day with those whom you are in relationship with. Express it like a dancer or like a kid playing in the park. And if your day has been all bad then express the misery of your heart perhaps with tears or with words or with a sad expression that people may know that there is no sunshine in your heart only the presence of the night.

God is the ultimate communicator and He is a revealing God. He rejoices over humanity, namely, His sons and daughters and He is sad when they have gone away from his ways. God expresses himself in words, in visions and in dreams. God makes himself known through a picture and that picture is what we call our universe.

God made himself known as a man and we see that this man was full of grace and truth. He manifested himself as a man of humility possessing infinite love for his friends and enemies. He even prayed for his enemies forgiveness when they had nailed him to a piece of tree.

God is a communicating God and delights in relationships. I believe that He calls us to do the same. In relationship can beauty be displayed and enjoyed - one can love and be loved. It is true that we were created to be happy, to be loved, to be admirers. We were created to admire God and in admiring him we get our greatest sense of happiness and satisfaction. I am sure that there is someone close to your heart, that you love and admire. When you admire them or when you are with them how does it make you feel? or how does your heart feel. You feel happy or if you are sad you are comforted.

I am happy if I know that a certain person is thinking about me or perhaps a few - it makes me happy. But for me to know, I must be told and when I am told, I am happy because I admire them. You see, for some of us we are told that God loves us, that we are never hidden from his thoughts but we don't feel satisfied. That's crazy! We should be satisfied and one of the reasons why we don't have that sense sometimes of that satisfaction and happiness is that we don't admire God enough. If you blush in his presence or feel him to be an awesome glorious person, then you will cry with tears of joy and worth that such an infinite being is thinking of you.

So life is to be shared, lived in love and in the canopy of relationship. And how awesome that is! If you are a Christian, your fellowship, your relationship is with God the Father and His Son. And if you are not a Christian then you are welcomed too. Just believe and there is good evidence to believe.


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  1. Brilliant! Practical and beautiful imagery - particularly like the canopy expression and the colour one too. Thinking well of people is a wonderful way to occupy your thoughts.


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