Do you fear that you will fail again tomorrow?

I fear my soul that I will fail, if I should promise once again
I fear the hurt it will bring, despair will swallow up my mood.
What should I do? I wish to run, to live and dance
To sing and laugh for my God. 
But here I am once again, fearing tomorrow’s breath again.
So I’m still as a useless tool but this is far from my design. 
If I be as I am, the devil wins and the kingdom pass.

A voice I heard with wise words say
“Take no thought for Tomorrow’s pain
Tomorrow’s day will take its pain
Remain your heart in today’s gain”.

If you are crippled by failure and fear that tomorrow you will fail again, do not worry so much about tomorrow’s failure today but rather rest in the forgiveness of Jesus today and let that dictate how you live your life tomorrow. This will free you from the fears of tomorrow’s failure.



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