Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Thank you God for my pain

Last night, I was inflicted with a pain unbearable that it brought me to my knees in the prayer room grasping for breath and laying face down struggling to stand. I could not pray for my head was throbbing with severe headache as if needles were jabbing me from the inside of my head. It was uncontrollable and with the little strength I had, I picked myself up and hurried as fast as I could to my house on my half injured leg. I immediately opened the cupboard door and took two ibuprofens which helped calmed my storm a little but the pain shot through my head almost through the night as I could not sleep but dwell in darkness hoping and praying that the pain would go away. I would have wished the pain to be anywhere else but my head and at times I wished for my soul to depart from my body if this pain could cease. I was a terrible soul and the devil saw it an opportunity to afflict me with spiritual guilt but I countered it with the imputed righteousness of Christ.In my pain I felt I had received the sentence of death, that I despaired of life itself if this pain was to remain but God delivered me and used it to His glory

But in my pain, I thanked God for He meant it for my good, (Galatians 4:13-14). During this trial the Holy Spirit made me reflect on those who are suffering and especially those who are heading to hell. My pain is but momentary but the pain of hell is for eternity and what I suffered last night does not compare to the sufferings of hell and I prayed that no one should enter it if this is the pain that would be afflicted to their souls. Through this trial the Lord awakened in me a renewed passion for lost souls and those who are suffering. He kindled in me a praying compassionate Spirit and zeal to focus my attention on those who are suffering and those yet without Christ. The torments of hell will be horrible and at times I despaired and reasoned within my soul, that why O Lord will you inflict them with such darkness but I was rest assured that the Lord only does good and whatever He inflicts would be just and reasonable to what they deserve.

Thank you God for such pain as last night for you used it for my good and have made me more earnest in my duty. Oh that I may not loiter on my heavenly journey and to not entangle myself with petty trifles. Focus my mind O Lord and let me live each day, each hour and each second to your glory in the hope that millions will be relieved of suffering especially eternal suffering.


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