Thursday, 27 January 2011

Rene and Poet - part 5

Above the earth, the sun beams shines on the green pastures where Rene and Poet lay with affectious fondness for one another. Poet has just awoken and while asleep Rene analysed his frowning expressions and then asked him what brought him such sorrows.

Rene: You must tell me your dream, my loving Poet, your expressions brought a great sense of sadness to my soul, what worries you?

Poet: Ah Rene, the sun shines like the radiance of her beauty and this grass displays the bounty of her laughter. I dreamt of her again but I had to forbid my willing tears to flow. She is the soothing source where all my sorrows pour and the source of which my grief endures.

Rene: What brought about such misery?

Poet: I found myself with another youth walking to a house near the street. It was adorable and the air was the most comfortable to breathe. We entered after being greeted by a man of lovely features, smart and eloquent in his speech and wonders were hidden in the staring of his blue eyes. I could not look away until a greater beauty flooded my eyes. It was her, dressed in a colourful dress with hearty designs of bright and dark colours. She wore a brown purple scarf  with black stockings to display a tower of modesty.  On top of her God given carefully made figure, she wore a black open Jacket and I stared with eyes of love that such a beauty I have never uncovered nor will be found among the daughters of Eve.

I noticed that she was dressed for Him and immediately for my sake of not possessing her, tears translucently dropped from my eyes. It was a witness to my sorry affections and she noticed my disposition and with a gentle stroke she drew near and beseeched what the matter was with my gentle face.

Then I awoke, sweet Rene, it was a horror, but it is but a dream, an awakening dream that tells me that I must make my move soon before she falls under the spell of another of Adam’s offspring.

Rene: Oh Poet, your light hearted heart cannot bear such dreams, rise with me and we shall venture to my mansion and eat a feast.


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