Returning to the wild goose

The wild goose is the Celtic symbol for the Holy Sprit and it is the name that is given to a café which aims to serve the homeless at least two meals a day. Good fortune or to say, the kindness of God has allowed the ministry to purchase a new venue as the old venue was very short in space. There was hardly enough room for a full functioning kitchen staff and less space for many to sit and eat their food.

The new location is on Stapleton road in Easton and what a fine venue it is. Seeing it for the first time I was very impressed especially with how spacious it is and how the place was very bright for the previous location was not so bright. I was glad to return and I was keen to help in whatever way I could.

I was to serve tea and coffee for the whole night with a sweet old lady who was marvellous but she had a shaking hand so I did most of the lifting and pouring out of hot water. I am amazed at her willingness to serve despite being so old she serves gladly every fortnight with tremendous joy. Another girl came also for the first time to help and it was a delight to have her there. She served the pudding and adapted very well.

Although the venue changed, the faces of the homeless remained the same. I saw the same expressions and the same choices were made. I was glad to see one guy that I spoke to before and he had a calm expression about him. I spoke to one guy who told me of his struggle with drinking and how he wished he had remained at his rehabilitation a little longer. At the end of the evening we prayed for him and I’ll keep him in my prayers.

It was a joy to return to the Wild Goose and to be able to serve- it’s not much but I hope I can give more time in the future. Jesus is the healer of the sick, the bringer of good news to the poor, the one who sets the addict free and above all he saves sinners. My prayer is that Many who are homeless will come to find shelter in the outspread pierced hands of Christ and his church may continue to provide homes for those in need. The truth is that we are all homeless until we are found to make our stay in the house of God for we were made for no other house but for the house of God where there is many rooms and abundance for all who dwell there.



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