Tuesday, 18 January 2011

You are my favourite one

My Heart has been hard for too long
To tough to succumb to your love
                       I played the part of the hypocrite 
All the while I was fading inside

It was sin which hurt my soul
My failures have made me numb
                         I could not lift my eyes to thee
For fear I should fail again

Your rain poured but I shielded my soul
I ran but couldn’t go too far
                       I feel ashamed to eat your bread
So I plea for the crumbs which falls thereof

I, now a miserable soul
Afraid to fall once again
                               I remain a distant from your shore
Satisfied, here I couldn’t disappoint you once more

Then I heard my name
                          ‘You are my favourite one
                              What are you feeling, 
Why so far away’.

I replied 
                              ‘Jesus Here I am
                    I am after your heart after you 
           But how do you feel of me, of my failures?’

He replied 
                          ‘You are my favourite one’.


There is a song by Misty Edwards called favourite one. click here

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