Monday, 31 January 2011

What I feel when I sing to God in the congregation

When I stand in the congregation to sing, I am immediately taken over by a strong colourful affection for the sweetness of His face. Oh I feel in my heart an upward journey towards his throne of grace and all the while He showers me with tender kisses. And when I behold His adorable face I dare not open my earthly eyes for I am so far gone into His presence. My heart is fully set upon His glory. I am moved a million times more than the sea in my happiness and it is a shame that the praise is but for 20 or so minutes. I would gladly sing all day and night eagerly moved with all manner of affections accordingly as He would have me feel. My soul is often alone but bathed with tremendous peace and joy that even in my worst despair I feel in my inmost being His satisfaction. But I am never truly alone for He is with me and will always be with me until that glorious reunion when I shall meet Him bodily and then we can with unimaginable laughter stroll the park of the new earth with a host of saintly company.


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  1. Waoh!! beautifully you have written your feelings. Indeed our God is so great & is praised forever. His love endures forever. Macartney wrote, "When a congregation sing together, speaking to themselves, to one another, and to God in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, and making melody in their hearts to the Lord – then come to the surface all the great traditions of the past, all the great convictions of the present, and all the glorious hopes for the future." God bless you brother.


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