Saturday, 15 January 2011

My Morning prayer

Blessed be your name Oh God, blessed be your glorious name
Hallowed be thy name, Let your kingdom come
Oh my Lord, my soveringn King, you are my delight, my pleasure and daily food
I thank you that you have chased sleep from my eyes
and you have awaken me to seek your face
I thank you for such mercy and grace, your Love is too wonderful for me
I am filled with your joy and I can see the glow of your daily mercies
Grant me the joy of your presence, set your countenance upon me.
I am glad that you are my God, the blessed Trinity, Oh I adore you
Prepare my day for me Oh Lord, grant me strength to see it through
Let me be a blessing to others today and let my words minister to those in need of your gospel.
I am exceedingly thankful of your steadfast love, your ways are to sweet for me.
Oh that I may not forget you in my daily task but that I may do it all to your glory.
Fill me with the power of the Spirit, let your kingdom come today, let your kingdom come!
Hallowed be thy name, Hallwed be thy wonderful everlasting name.


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