Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Joy of Confession 6

Sinner: Dear sir, I am a deep sinner, unfit for society and an alien to righteousness. I know nothing of faithfulness and today I declare my repentance of my habits and tomorrow I am found playing with it again. It seems that for many years I have been playing the fool thinking that God can be mocked but I have only been deceiving myself. I am a slave, a wretched slave to sin and have deeply played the hypocrite. I play the Pharisee and now I cannot bear to live any longer. My speech are smooth but my heart lies with wickedness and deceit; I thought I had mastered sin but sin mastered me and now the vice as corrupted my whole faculties that I am found to be mad. My thoughts accuse me day and night and I am worse than those in hell. Oh Sir, should I end my life for I have played the fool with my Maker but I have only played the fool with my own heart. I see no light and freedom is far, I am in the dungeon of despair and my heart feels to break. See the tears that flows from my veins, oh I am a wicked soul, most to be pitied for I have entertained a false sense of piety and now the Lord has seen fit to bring me to ruin. The scriptures speak well when it warns that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God and that kingdom of which I have spoken of I shall never enter. My rest is that gall and bitterness of hell, that place which was designed for the devil. I cannot sleep Sir unless you have comforting words for me Sir.

Sir: My dear boy, the anguish that bids your soul is terrible but it is a blessing from God- you should be glad that God did not let you part from the shores of this world without the opportunity of repentance. Today is the day of salvation, not tomorrow but today. I am pleased that you have seen the reality of your state and are now willing to desperately repent of your sins.

Sinner: I am Sir, if this pain could flee from my soul, I will do all I have to do. What am I to do to gain eternal life?

Sir: It is simple my boy. You remember the gospel stories of old; the story of the God-man who died for sins and bid all to come to him and all who comes to him, he will not cast out. He will never leave them nor forsake them. If you are to come to him today, acknowledging your sins and trusting wholly upon him and not on your works but on His works alone then my boy, today salvation is yours. And power will be given to you to overcome your sinful nature, for some it is instantaneous and for others, time dictates the level of their sanctification. Remember that your righteousness is to be found in him and not in yourself. Get rid of whatever principles you held in your heart before and cling only to this one,  Jesus died for me and has called me to be holy. Play no more the parts of the hypocrites and if you are found playing the role, repent immediately for his blood has covered all of your sins.

Sinner: Oh sir, thank you for such words, My soul is now at rest for now I know that my righteousness is found in Him and yea I will depart from the way of the hypocrite and trust in Christ alone.


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