What is it that you love to do oh man of God

What is it that you love to do oh man of God?

"I love to pray and praise in the secret of my room. I delight myself in the presence of God and saviour, I belong entirely to my Saviour and I have no better joys than when I am found in His company. I sit by his feet and digest his words, in all conditions of my soul I have been found there. In my sadness I saw his tears aligned with mine and he touched the brow of my eyes and showed me His glory. When I am a rebellious spirit He reminds me of His tender love and shows me His nails; my soul weeps and draws near to his smile, he steadily rebukes me in gentle grace and sets my feet on the level path. When I am drawn to find satisfaction in other things, He breaks the bread and pours the wine and he gives me to eat and drink and lo I am found to be full. Oh My sweet God is all for me, I love to do His errand, to do his duty and to engage in those things which pleases Him. I love him, my soul Loves him and more of Him I want, I am full and yet thirsty, thirsty for more of Him. Is there any other lover like him in the whole universe; there is not, His love is to extravagant. I could tell you many stories of His love but I shall tell you one. He laid down his life for me, he died on the Roman cross for me, he carried his cross so that I could take up mine, He was crucified and he bled and died so that I could live. But He lives for He rose again from the dead so that I may be like Him and dwell in perfection where our love and life will be eternally bliss and delightful and should forever be like a full grown flower in the summer season".



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