The past few days....

The past few days have been days where I have learnt more of grace, more of friendship and love for all the saints of God. New year was inaugurated in a catholic church for me for I was there with my family. The church was packed and I had no where to sit so I stood at the back with many people standing with me. The service was usual though I disagree with parts of it especially the elevation of Mary as chief intercessor or so it seems. The new year dawned and when it was time for the Eucharist I drew outside to draw a fresh breath for I was not qualified to partake of the sacrament. The air was cold but glad I could be outside. I sat on one of the edges and there I saw a man standing and looking in. He was an ordinary man, he looked poor and drunken; I wished him a happy new year and he returned the favour. We  began to talk and he started to lay on me his troubles, I listened casually and he told me of how he wanted this year to be a new beginning for him. I told him that God is a God of new beginnings and that you may start this year with Jesus. He continued to tell me of his woes especially of His poor health and of his sister. I listened and then offered to pray for Him. I prayed for Him and then assured him that Jesus was called a friend of sinners; a friend of prostitutes and he came eating and drinking. It was time for me to go so the conversation drew to an end but he wanted to shake the priest’s hand so I aided him in reaching his goal. I called the priest and introduced them. I do pray that Christ may reach out to him and come in his life this year to the praise of His glory.

The morning came with light to my soul and the source was divine. I had a journey to make so my family I had to leave. It was sad for me as I’ll miss them, and we said our goodbyes and then driven to the train station. I was on my to Bermondsey station and ultimately to all nations in Hertfordshire for a Christians in Sports Conference. I was happy that God opened doors for me to have the opportunity to attend this conference and even more so to get a lift there for it saved me much money. I was picked up from the station and off we went.

Upon arriving at the conference I was impressed by the venue and eager to see what was in store for me. A kind girl gladly showed me the way to my room and the room was sufficient. Many more arrived and I made acquaintance with many of them and as the days drew on I loved many of them because of their passion for Christ and His kingdom.

In the main meetings we looked at 1 Corinthians 1 and in the main meetings usually kicked of with a competition. The game was rock paper scissors and the winner would get a Christian in Sports hat. I proved to be the winner although using clever tactics to aid my goal. For the stream sessions I went to say level 1. I was well advanced for this level but it is never to much to be reminded of the gospel. I stayed because of the people I was with and my heart loved them very much that upon departing from the conference I was highly moved especially with four particular people. I spent much of my time with them and I shall speak of a guy very briefly. His name is Rory and we were together on the same table for football and He began to speak of his testimony and I was drawn in, I felt a passion for Christ that reached to the depth of his soul and his love for the power of the Spirit was awesome. His testimony was powerful as Jesus worked in him in powerful ways and thereafter signs and wonders has been constant in his walk of faith. I began my testimony too and spoke of the Joy of the Lord and Rory testified of How his spirit was moved for he sensed a heavy present of the Spirit with me. We spoke all the more and delighted in each others company for the rest of the conference.

The next day, I woke up at 5:30 and use the time to seek the Lord for an hour or so and then met with Rory and another at 730am for prayer. This fuelled our day and the day proved to be remarkable. It was my joy to behold so many sporting Christians who have a desire to reach their societies, I was moved and relished my time there. There are many more things I could say about this conference but it would prolong this blog. I was impressed with a particular person because of their simplicity and calmed nature, much like mine in many ways and I wish her many blessings in the coming future and especially in her sport and to continue to play water Polo to the glory of God.

I bid the conference goodbye and was glad once again at the providence of God for I was giving a lift back to Bristol. The night was dark and it was a pleasure to see my housemates once again although the house was in a bitter state. My housemate told joyfully of his returning back to God and how I was pleased to hear it and later prayed as a house which made me smile internally for I had desired such for a long time. The next day witness my heart wanting to flee to sin but thank God for His mercy and grace and redemptive work of the cross that bids sinners like me to come and live.



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