Girls are sold for a price

The problem is deep

Humanity has dug its own immoral grave

When girls are sold for a price

At an alarming rate.

Used as a tool, then polished for the next use

Fouler than a trigger

At least the gun ain't alive to feel its immoral use.

This is a war, bigger than terrorism, but

It seems we are all avoiding the training camp of freedom.

Soldiers beat their bodies to kill,

Will you not train to free, sweating blood to see little girls release

From the oppression, creation is crying for law -

Will you cry too? or give some money and time to help the cause, because somebody has to.

I know there's much to do, but a tree grows from a seed

It takes time, If you do not feed a kid He dies -

This cause will never be aborted, even if the government turns a blind eye.

I'm asking you to see the darkness on the horizon, no. It's right on our stage,

Now run with your touch of hope and set the stage on fire.


Watch the nefarious trailer documentary:


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