Saturday, 12 January 2013

Are you living for the World's approval?

There are some saints who live their Christian life in much care of what the world think of them. They must be careful that they do not appear too religious, or too heavenly minded that they are of no fleshly concern. They are irritated by those who would stand on street corners to preach loudly the gospel of Christ - they see these as brutes and are very much intimidated by them. Also when it comes to issues which makes the world mad, that any one would differ from them and have such a back-wards view, these saints will be silent and not step on the podium to declare God's truth. In secret they would affirm the biblical stance but in public they would be as silent as the darkness. They do not want to loose friendship with the world and thus they keep in line with all of its beauty and dare not defile it with gospel strokes. Those who live like this are not truly happy or rather they have a grieving conscience because the Spirit in them would have shown them their errors. Why would thee want honour with the world when thou has it with Christ? O saint be wise in your manners and forsake your love for the world. Be gone with it and come to the marital bed to which you have been avowed.

Let the world think what they will of you; perhaps in their eyes you are a cast-away, but remember that in God’s eyes you are precious, chosen and like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood. Be like Christ whom you claim to love who did not seek man's applaud but the praises of God; "This is my Son with whom I am well pleased", came the voice from heaven.

Tell me my dear saint, how better-off is the one whom his fellow friends pleads innocency but the law holds him guilty? He is no better off; therefore what counts the oppinion of men when compared with that of God. God already esteems you and made you his Child. He has already sent His Son for you obtaining your salvation. Has the world ever done such a sacrificial thing for you? No. Be wise Christian and be content with being a favourite of Jesus Christ. Seek his truth and display his truth to a world that urgently needs his radical love. If they crucify Christ they will crucify you. They disrespected Christ therefore you musn't expect anything less. Forget the world's acclamations and fading applause but live for the eternal applause of heaven and seek to please him who is a better friend than all of the earthly one's you now possess. If you are ashamed of Christ before them, then my friend, fear that horrible day when Christ shall be ashamed of you and it will be revealed that you were never his. Be sensible my redeemed saint, be sensible. For what is a few minutes of shame compared to the glory of eternity. Now is the time to dust off the world's approval, shake it away from your clothes and with great zeal seek Christ and you shall find that you shall be of more earthly good.


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