Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My name is Mali-a-kim

I’m thinking dangerous thoughts,

Everyone is out to get me

So I stay on my own, cuz I don’t want to see the evil in their eyes.

Nobody loves me, I feel it every-time I go to sleep,

Or am I just mad, my thoughts, a product of my insanity.

Running fast, but my palms ain’t sweaty, heart beating fast

For a reason I want to believe,

That soon, the rocks are going to fall on me, somebody help me

I’m trapped inside my own mind.

Engaged in a battle that I really don’t want to fight,

So I write to maintain, a conversation with my own soul,

Knowing he be stingy, he want’s me cuz I’m all he got.

Many tears I’ve cried, veiled within this smile I wear

I really want to care, but my emotions are kept in chains.

Nobody want’s to know, but my name is Mali-a-kim

Raised in a place, that war, was it’s only friend.

Marginalize, there’s a million stories yet to be told,

Before I fold, I’ll write until the ink runs dry


Mali-a-kim is fictional, but I like the name so possibly I might make something more of this. It is a little abstract, but hey, abstracts are abstracts

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