Friday, 18 January 2013

Will you meet me there?

My friends, yet to believe in Christ, will you meet me there? But where you ask? I shall tell you. Will you meet me on the happy golden shore where time no longer plays her song and death no more hearts to mourn, will you meet me there? Will you, my friend, come meet me in that place where families will no longer part, and all broking hearts mend? Will you run to meet me in that place where all of our cherished hopes are no longer vain, where pain shall not be found nor misery to injure our dance? The storms of life are soon to be over and all of earth's summers are soon to end, for behold, the unfading joy of heaven has ripened, ready to descend upon our passing air, no time left to waste, for now you must choose if you want to meet me there. But how my friend? What way should I go - what must I do? Ah, my friend it is this and this alone, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall meet me there.


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