Friday, 11 January 2013

Jesus never leaves me alone

As I grow, I see that even the roses fade. The bright moments filled will glory diminishes. Those who were decorated with youthful beauty have been dulled by age. Many who had strength as mighty as the great rock are now scattered pebbles. The day is always superseded by the night, and the seasons come and go. But there is one thing that I have found to remain constant, namely, Jesus, heaven's sunshine who never seems to leave me alone. I remember in the periods where I thought that nothing was for me, yet I heard ever so faintly his tender voice, whispering 'Be of good cheer'. In those hours and a thousand times more, He has been by me, filling my heart with joy like the birds of springtime and the flowers of summer. My Jesus is ever faithful, ever blooming for his own, and always from His fullness giving me to eat and drink. O I am at times lost in his Heavenly Love, pure as the dove and stern as a Father's discipline. Even through the clouds of midnight, He is there by my side always saying, 'My dear boy, give me your burden to carry. Your fickle spirit is not for carrying loads and burdens but it is for carrying my sunshine, it is for retaining it. Your soul have no need for the night, it is made for the day.' O how he ravishes me that now, the close companion of a woman will not do, nor the closeness of a brother, although these things are to be prized. Yet I have found that as I grow Jesus has become to me all things; and that is because He has shown me his faithfulness and daily encouraged me to be of good cheer.


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