Friday, 18 January 2013

The Love that the Spirit shows

Always remember this and never forget it, namely the Love that the Spirit shows when he reveals in the hearts of men Jesus Christ the saviour. When men’s hearts are burdened with grief, laden with the poison of sin and hammered with the nails of misery, the Spirit does in this dark moments shine the light of Jesus Christ. O how amazingly sweet it is! I know you understand my joy dear saint for you have been where I have been. You have felt hopeless, you have felt useless, you have carried the weight of sin, you have felt un-loved, un-cared for, un-satisfied, then all of a sudden there is the sweetness of Christ presented to your soul. Your soul now knows and sees that Christ is all sufficient, all glorious and one who takes away all of your injuries. He is bigger than the wound, He is deeper than the hurt and more abiding than the pain. O you see it is the Spirit’s love and comforting nature that presented to you Christ in all of your ills and difficulties. I know and will forever know that for all of man’s misery and discontent, the Spirit will always present to them Christ.

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