Monday, 7 January 2013

I saw in her a sweet temper of spirit

I saw in her a sweet temper of spirit which as now appeared to me the reason why she carries herself in an equal poise whatever her condition is. I have seen her in life's saddest hours and the lines of joy on her face diminished not - they were just as vivid in life's sunny periods. It is as if, or rather it is so that God whom she loves as taken a leaf known as contentment from the tree of life and planted it in her soul. Her whole disposition is as the greenest leaf, even winter shades not its colour. Her contentment is habitual, continually shining forth as the sun gives off its heat. I asked her the reason of such continual satisfaction and with all of heaven's smile she said "Dear boy, this contentment which is in me is not something which comes from nature, it is heavenly born, a gift given, a treasure bestowed. It has its source from heaven's throne given by him who gave his Son and sustained in me by faith in continually gazing upon his son's beautiful face. My heart is set on Him who died. I have learnt this as I walk on my journey to glory and the secret is rather simple, namely it is fixing one's eyes on Jesus Christ, knowing that in Him all of life's pleasures are contained. So whatever the weather, I am always content, possessing a deep joy locked up in the chamber of my heart that no matter how hard or consistent the thief tries to steal it, he will always fail. My dear boy, have Jesus in your heart always and you shall be content as I and enjoy God as you were made to." With these words she departed to the alter of grace falling on her knees to pray. As soon as she bowed her head there was a bright sunshine never felt before in depths of my heart that I too knelt beside her, praying to the Father to grant me such a contented spirit and bid me live like her to younger generations, setting forth a godly example.


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