Tuesday, 29 January 2013

There is no friend like Jesus

There is no friend like Jesus. There is no other friend like Him who carries all of my burdens, who is so keen to help, and quick to hear.

He is my dearest friend. The only one who died for me, to save me from the wrath to come. He is the only friend who took my shame, and gave me His name.

There is no friend like Jesus. In seasons high and seasons low, He is there by my side. Encouraging me to carry on, and when I offend him, He never offends me back.

He is strong and soft, gentle and meek, rich and poor, full of grace and truth.

He is my Lord and yet my friend, who laughs and weeps, and cares about my frame.

He knocks every day, with me to eat, instructs me in His better ways.

He cares for adventure, whether tough or smooth, He marches on. Death He mocks, danger He welcomes, Love is His song, He sings all the way.

He welcomes all to be His friend, will you come and be a friend of Jesus.*


*Some people have a bad picture of Jesus and thinks that He is very reluctant to welcome them, or that if they should come into his presence that they have to have it all together. This is perhaps why some people stay way and worship at a distance. Come now to the seat of mercy and you will find indeed a very forgiven friend who does not count your past against you.

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  1. I see a true reflection of paganism in your expressions. When you mix creator with his creation you mix creator with a human friend. Resulting in people taking human as their lords. The worst part of it is that you invent lies and attribute qualities to Jesus who did not attest to any such claim. Rather he was humble, obedient and a righteous servant of Allah.


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