Monday, 7 January 2013

Are you a cheerful giver?

Strikers are not said to be consistent in their goal scoring if they only score once out of ten games; or if out of fifty games they score fifteen times. But strikers are generally deemed consistent if they score regularly like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. These two are consistent goal scorers. Likewise he is not said to be a cheerful giver one who gives to a good cause once with a smile or one who gives consistently without thinking anything of it in terms of happiness. A greedy person may give once to a cause with a smile and many no doubt throw a few pennies to the homeless on the street but this is not done with a great zeal of happiness or cheerfulness. They think nothing of their given and this given in reality cost them nothing. But the person is said to give cheerfully one who constantly gives with a smile, thinking in their soul that it is their pleasure to give even though it cost them a great deal, yet it is their pleasure to give. These are those who are cheerful givers. Are you a cheerful giver? Is it your constant disposition to give cheerfully even though you are given out of your poverty? It is easy to give when one has in abundance, but when the given comes from a very limited resource there are very few willing to part with their treasure. Be a cheerful giver, but to be a cheerful giver one must look towards God who gave us all in the given of His Son.


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