Friday, 25 January 2013

Breaking a bond

It was time for me to leave this world for another. A brief encounter with a strange creature last week, told me that I have been chosen to fight the power of darkness in their world. I accepted but was obliged to keep it a secrecy. To leave is hard, but one must to help a race unknown to me. I have to go alone, and this news broke Billie's heart. He was to me better than a brother. He was there for me in adversity, and in times when there was nothing to disturb the growth of the flowers, He was by my side. Many adventures we lived and our souls have become one. But this unusual chord among men, stronger than that of a brother, deeper than blood, with tears shed more than the forty days of relentless rain, I must leave Billie.  
"Will you not keep the bond of our friendship or will you have it fall apart because it is merely your will." Said Billie with an uncontrollable affection filled with betrayal

"My friend, it is not like that".

"Do not call me your friend, when you desire to untie our chord. You have chosen your direction and I wish for you to turn back to me."

Unable to look into his eyes, I uttered keeping back my tears, "This is why I wish to untie our friendship before it goes deeper, and one of us is hurt. You have been my friend, my joy and my supper. I knew no other boy like you. It breaks my heart to part from you but I must walk a lonely road."

"Why must you walk such a path. I can come with you. I am ready at any moment. Just want me with you. Just say it and I am ready to go where you will go."

"You have friends here Billie."

"And you have friends here too. Me. Stay."

"Where I am going, is not a place to take friends."

Searching into my eyes, Billie asked, "Where are you going?"

"I cannot tell you. It is too harsh a climate to watch you drown. That will injure my soul more than the suffering I will undergo." This much I was told by the strange creature who told me of the harshness of the darkness in their land. There was a high possibility that I could fail, and no friend, especially Billie did I want to see die. He has yet much training to undergo. My dream is for Him to surpass me. He has already inherited my will of heaven on earth.

" You said you will be with me forever?" Billie said with tears, hammering his fist unto my chest. I held him and whispered into his ears,

"I did – but words are only words. I said it then, but I must take them back now if they belonged to me. I borrowed it to you for a while, but now, we must part."
The words I spoke were lies. Words are not only words. Promises are to be kept. He is a scum who turns back on his words, but one who turns his back on a friend is worser.  

"Don’t go, without at least telling me where you are going." Billie was beginning to see my resolved will.

"Keep on dreaming my little dreamer." With a tender affection, I kissed Billie's head and furthermore told him. "Follow all of my signs, you have to stop watching me. You have to choose a direction, and when the moment is right for you, you’ve got to go. I have to go now. I am always here in your heart."
At this departing words, I picked up my sword and ran deep into the forest. But before I left, I made sure that Billie was passed out for I knew that He would follow me. For his safety and my sanity, I wish him to stay here and that one day, He will have his own path, knowing that the sky belongs to no one.



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